Anita McAdam Designs brings to you:

International customer-base experience in design and manufacture issues including UK, INDIA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, KOREA, PAKISTAN, CHINA,

Widely experienced in overcoming overseas supplier communication problems – INDIA – HONG KONG – CHINA – VIETNAM – BALI – STH AMERICA – UNITED KINGDOM – ESTONIA: specialising in matching manufacturing capability and client expectations &  problem solving in technical areas.

In high demand yet able to offer rapid response through a flexible network  of trusted specialists.



NATURALS Board for workwear tender.

identify, construct visual, develop product


broad design scope, tailored brief, multiple product options, technical detail finessed,


creative extension of ideas to season & market,


market specific size charts, develop grade rules, develop measurement descriptions,

sutherland shire tender

build off-shore garment specifications,


first sample patterns, tailored & complex drape styles,

specs & techs

on & off-shore specifications, quality assurance in new product,


quality specs

establish in-house

FIRST SAMPLE SPECstandards for garment basics to develop continuity in range and consumer experience.

email or call for Terms & Conditions:

0419 167 451


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